Episode 225: Breast Cancer And Other Health Issues Resolved With Cannabis Oil

Breast Cancer And Other Health Issues Resolved With Cannabis Oil. Triple-negative breast cancer survivor Leslie Garcia tells her story of using cannabis oil to …


  1. So happy to hear you're health is improving daily! I got rid of stage 3 cancer with cannabis too.
    I used to have hypothyroidism and I got mine under control with Lugols iodine solution and Coleus Root.

  2. I am happy to share my full story with you 1 day I've had 2 brain tumors removed. Then it came back and doctors wanted to do a 3rd operation to which I refused after my own research on CANABIS oil and how to make.when u have this DESEASE you will try anything legal or not.as it isn't yet in AUSTRALIA THE TUMOR THEN WENT.MY ONCOLAGIST THEN TOLD ME TO CONTINUE WITH THE OIL.IAM NOT GOING TO BE DICTATED TO BY ANY GOVERNMENT RE MY HEALTH THE NORMAL TREATMENTS ARE JUST A MONEY MAKING EXCERSISE FOR THE BIG PHARMAS.LOOK WHAT THEY DONE WITH VITAMIN C TOOK IT OF THE MARKET TO MAKE SYNTHETIC WHICH DOES NOT WORK .I JUST GET ANGRY AT TIMES WITH ALL THIS B.SHIT.I BELIEVE THE MAJORITY OF DOCTORS THAT TAKE THE TIME TO RESEARCH THIS TREATMENT KNOW WHATS WHAT BUT THIER HANDS ARE TIED.SORRY HATE TXTING OR ELSE I WOULD CARRY ON .Are all yr podcasts episodes still AVAILABLE on y tube cause I am telling who I can about yr show .I will try and think of ways to raise some funds to keep yr show on air.might even try and find a pharma that cares 😆😆😅😄yeh right pls continue with ur great show

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