Ep 40 | Legalizing Recreational #Marijuana in Arizona with Cathi Herrod (Prop 207) | Redeeming Truth

Marijuana #Prop207 Cathi Herrod is the President of the Center for Arizona Policy. You can follow their important work at azpolicy.org. To stay informed and up …


  1. people like you are really hurting patients who could really benefit from God's herb but don't want to give up the right to protect there loved ones and there home so they just live with the pain cause they don't want to give up their second amendment. and that's just what you do when you get medical weed. shame on you!

  2. the problem with the "we already have medical marijuana legal argument" is. it takes away your second amendment and makes it so you can't defend your loved ones or your home. and not only do you not have a right to bear arms but you also cant purchase new firearms either. but there is nothing wrong with having alcohol prescription methamphetamine crack or heroin and owning guns.

  3. Get educated on cannabis before you speak on it. It's original Biblical Aramaic name was Kaneh Bosm and it was an original ingredient in the Holy Anointing Oil mentioned in Exodus chapter 30. It's time they stop demonizing things created by God. For everything God created is good and to be received with Thanksgiving.

  4. you 2 should really educate yourselves on a subject before you speak on it smh. gonna dispel a lie you 2 said here. oh, this isn't your grampas weed. weed is much stronger now it has magically changed stronger by satin. this is utter and complete bs. arguably the strain must smoked over the last 80 years or so is skunk #1 it has an average THC content of 16 to 19% about the same as most strains today you really should do some research on subjects before you speak on them and not just puppet what people tell you

  5. Cannabis Finally a medicine that is not just another toxic pill made by man and called medicine which is nothing less than a poison. Alcohol is nothing but a poison to your body and yet it's on every corner. Tens of thousands die from over dose from synthetic man made Heroin and yet it's sold at every drug store in every town. And don't get me started on tobacco which has killed millions and yet it's still sold everywhere you shop.
    And yet to this day not one person has died directly from the use of cannabis and it's illegal. Doesn't sound like the people that have control of this have your best interests at hand. They sure don't value life!

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