1. Lies and more lies im telling you for a fact that weed is harmless im 17 and I've been smoking since I was 12 Im at the top of my class and can still play sports Don't give an opinion unless you've smoked for yourself I bet this guy has never smoked a blunt a day in his life and I smoke almost everyday keep that in mind

  2. This brought me so much peace of mind! Thank you! I always thought about looking into vaping to see if was healthier but I think I'll just stick to my guilty pleasure of smoking bowls ^_^ I'm reading through How Not to Die right now and it's great so far!

  3. And people are surprised when we have fatal respiratory virus epidemics….we really should heavily promote this vlog…also I could care less about loser smokers harming themselves but because they also emit toxic second hand pollutants to non smoking healthy humans but also our environment at large!

  4. Maybe I smoke too much but this video made no sense. At first I thought I was dying faster than cigarette smokers but then all of a sudden it turns out it’s no big deal???? hits blunt, finds another video

  5. Not one person on the plant since the birth of the God of your choice has DIED from the use or abuse of marijuana. marijuanas the safest thing to use of anything EVEN MOTHERS MILK has cause.. dangerous allergies not marijuana. Total anti pot BS video.a gateway drug to cigarettes HOW there is nothing the same about the 2..i know folks who smoked pot for decades worked hard made $big$ never touched a cigarette… is that the same as people who are hooked on sugar (it happens) they go on to cocaine or meth….same color powder.

  6. Doctor, I smoke 2 small bowls a day of Marijuana. Am I going to get Bronchitis or any detrimental respiratory issues? Great video btw. From my analysis, you will get damage but it is nothing that is going to cause irreversible damage from 2 small bowls a day. Is my assumption correct? Thank you for the wisdom.

  7. See, marijuana is safe to use every 1-2 weeks. It’s the individuals that smoke it all day every day that’ll suffer the consequences. It’s the same with alcohol, but just because we can’t see the consequences people think it’s fine to use it multiple times every day. It’s not bad to use it, you just need to respect it and not overuse it

  8. If you want to start smoking pot here ( Use Proper Rolling Paper ) ( Smoke 1-2 a day ) ( Don't Inhale Smoke ) ( Use a COMPMETELY CLOSED FILTER ) ( Don't Smoke for to long * dont suck on it to much * ) And i think thats it

  9. i smoked pot out of a popcan one time and 12 hours later i had mucus building up in my throat and i couldn't breathe i thought i was going to die and i couldn't sleep until i got so tired i passed out and today i still have the mucus in my throat am i okay? and i can breathe normal again

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