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  2. Hi Michelle, THANK YOU for your generous heart , wisdom. I know you sympathize with all eczema sufferers and your passion is trying so hard to help us all. I know It is alot of work all that you're doing for us. Im glad you are being compensated. Everybody expects to pay salon for hair color and they should expect to pay for your expertise (been in your shoes) bcuz most people do not value info if its free and are not going to be compliant when it comes to diet/eating out so you might as well be compensated whether they apply themselves or not. Thank You for Your Passion, Energy, Efforts, Willingness To Help Us

  3. Thank You Michelle!
    My eczema appeared for the first time 2 months ago. I'm 24 and never had eczema in my life before so it was very stressful at first. After finding your channel I feel a lot better. And after cutting off the FREDG foods my eczema looks MUCH better, the itching is less and my skin is not that red anymore. Now I'm making a healthy diet and your videos help me so much.
    Thank You!

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