EASY TO FOLLOW & best way how to make THC vape e-liquid from cannabis buds or weed

This is the best way to make THC infused vape juice using your weed/bud! It’s also the easiest, yay! Thanks for watching! See below for further info, please like …


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  2. I'm just curious what type of vape it works in¿? I have a few different mods but I'd like to know what kind tank to use and could I use the typical coiled and wicked tank for juice like this, Also what kind do you use¿? Thanks in advance… Great video. 😊

  3. Golden Vape made 30ml from this method using 7g of bud. Can anyone tell me if they get high using this method as the yield is high and any other videos I have watched distilate large amounts of bud to get very little vape juice!

  4. So someone told me you can't put this in a regular Vape.

    Said it would burn it before I even feel it.

    Who do I believe because if I can make this myself I can stop spending my money with them

  5. You'd be better off doing a steam distillation and then adding the oil (known quantity) to the PG.

    Also, how do you know the strength of the product going in? Unless you know what the concentration is to start with, what remains after processing as its never 100% recovery… The amount of concentration of elements in the final product can't be calculated.

    So the only real way you could get a concentration value is to pay for a lab test of a sample of the product and that would then be able to be used in calculation of how many mg's there are in the final product.

  6. Keeping the glass jar sealed is quite dangerous as the air will expand and could make a weed eliquid grenade in your kitchen. I advise to use something like some greaseproof paper and a rubber band so if the pressure was to build up then its not going to send glass flying into your face.

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