1. Currently suffering from high LDL cholesterol with low BP at the same time low bowel movement (constipation) can I benefits from this tea?, currently have ginger and lemon on hand., I am from West Africa Liberia,

  2. Drinking Gnger Tea Benfits;;Relieves Motion Sickness, Helps Fight Cancer,Pain Relief,Helps with Blood Pressure and ❤Disease, Controls your Weight, Boosts Immunity, Controls Diabetes, Bloating Issues, Treats Nausea,……….

  3. Boiling destroys properties. Put it through a juicer, add to other juice or pour into stewed tea. Raw ginger juice can be made in batches,store in the ice-tray. Ditto garlic is destroyed by cooking. Yet crushed through a press mixes into hot-food seamlessly. Onion& tomatoes can be cooked but still better raw for anti-cancer. The trinity for the immune system IS RAW onion-garlic-ginger trio

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