Dr. William Courtney and the dietary benefits of raw cannabis Pt. 1

MxProcess.me brings you a seminar called “The Raw Truth” with Dr. William Courtney. It’s the hard science behind the huge medical benefits of juicing raw …


  1. Wow.. Charlotte Figi I’d the same… she was 2 yrs old with about 300 Seizures a week.. because of her Charlotte’s Web CBD was created. Her seizures faded away to almost none.. that’s extraordinary

  2. In China; all over Asia actually; cannabis is a wild plant. It's one of the most diverse plants as one could ever get to know. You see one here and it's totally different than that one over there. I wanted to find someone in the research community to share seeds with. It's not as though anyone would want these seeds for the psychotropic benefits, but who knows what other benefits they might have. Please contact me.

  3. What is the heat that wil turn the thca into thc ?
    Milk you should not heat above 40 degree celcius not to distroi good parts .
    I dit read somewhere that thc and CBD could have more bud can not find anything for THCA.

  4. Dr Courtney obviously knows a lot about cannabinoids and cannabinoid acids and is doing great work. But I think he needs to a better job at clarifying the distinction between cannabinoid acids like THCA and CBDA and the activated/decarboxylated cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Too often do I see him talk about cases with out being clear on what is responsible. For example, in amongst talking about cannabinoid acids he speaks about a case where a father essentially cures his baby's inoperable brain tumour with cannabis extract, but what he is not clear about is that the extract in question was decarboxylated extract IE. active cannabinoids, as opposed to cannabinoid acids. I think this distinction is important to be clear on because while cannabinoid acids are clearly beneficial and may well be superior for some conditions, cancer for example requires active THC to kill it efficiently enough to effect a cure in late stage aggressive cancers. Until we manage to create the utopia where cannabis is grown freely and experts like him preside over people's care they need to provide clearer info for people who are trying to use or make their own cannabis medicine. Otherwise you'll get people failing to cook/decarb cannabis oil when treating cancer and others using high potency THC extracts for conditions better suited to respond to raw cannabis oil or juice.

  5. The Dogons told a story about cannabis and how it was brought here from the Sirius constellation. I don't want to write what many consider a "far-fetched" idea, but seeing all these miraculous properties, what do you think in regards to cannabis being an "alien" plant? Is there any way we would be able to trace the plant's genetics like we have done for humanity? For example, we all have a gene that can be traced back to one person of African descent, so could we trace the cannabis genetics back in this method? It's too strange but cannabis seems to be the "human" of the plant kingdom.

  6. Can I contact Dr. Courtney or an organization that is most closely tied to his work?  I'm having a bit of trouble finding any information online.  
    I live in an area of the country that has an incredibly strong and steady population of hemp, and I really want to find out if juicing hemp leaves will give the same benefits.  
    Any help would be appreciated.  

  7. the government who arrest forfiture and plunder the cluture can not stand to lose cannabis form there illegal roster . Its my opinion that the war on cannabis will continue even though the regulations which will restrict med use just as bad as it being illegal we must just legalize as the idiots with power of color of law will continue to attack for ever they should just be jail like they jail us

  8. the raw truth if there is no THC effect that means that the strain is less the 1% or hemp for industrial use THC works as to make pain reside and you get stone with is nothing more then feeling pleasure of the effect which the fucking government can stand to lose

  9. Topamax failed for sure! I took it when I was younger for migraines and it did nothing for my headaches at all. It did make my pee-pee feel very strange and caused me to hear vague, menacing voices in my head during class in sixth grade. But cannabis helps my migraines a lot. The strain "Shishkaberry" aka "Snow Trek" works the best for me. I haven't yet tried raw cannabis for my head but I can't wait to juice 50 leaves and eat and ounce of bud each day! Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth!

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