1. this is VERY DISHONEST and INACCURATE! ….DOGS ARE MAMMALS!!!!!!!!! Mammals LOVE to get high! Deer in the woods actively seek out cannabis plants and regularly consume them to get high. Dolphins eat puffer fish to get high….. cats use catnip to get high. DOGS BRAINS HAVE AN ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM JUST LIKE HUMANS! The ONLY THING that can be said is that dogs are a LOT smaller than humans – a human-sized dose of THC to a dog will make them sick and puke, but in PROPER doses, it is COMPLETELY okay for dogs to consume THC in the proper amounts based on size/weight. I CAN ASSURE YOU, mammals won't die from THC. At the very most, consuming too much can lead to nausea, headaches, and being uncomfortably high……….but not death. I am absolutely astonished and appalled at the dishonesty of this news piece.

  2. dogs dying on weed is false they just dont like that weed is legal my dogs have eaten up to 400mil and more on more than on acasion and was tottaly fine and ive seen the same on ethers they just trying to get more money making you think its toxic to them so you pay to babie sit your dog or ether animals its a trap

  3. why would people laugh at their dogs when they're like that? TF??
    this just happened to my dog (didnt eat weed but something else) and i immediately took him to the vet and im hella worried. How do these people own animals lol

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