Donald Trump on legalizing Marijuana

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  1. fucker says this then appoints jeff sessions? WTF? study Colorado? ok,16 billion n earnings last year…crime rate down,,traffic fatalities down..oddly enough even drunken fatalities… they have already said they r going to start enforcing federal laws over states….literally the biggest potential cash cow n America & they wanna burn it all back down? has little to no bad effects on society….helps so many medical conditions without the harsh side effects & when people smoke just to smoke it is still helping ur health….mental health….these fucks know all this but they've not figured out how to corner all the $$$…..pharmaceutical companies have thousands of lobbyists spewing propaganda to keep all the $$ flowing to them…sure trump isn't a career politician? cuz he sure s fuck spits out lie after lie like one……

  2. Donald Trump is seeking to lead the U.S. on a new path, a paved road which can be a renewal on principles of light. He is not in the race to accept any money, he seeks not any lobbyist to enhance his goals, he seeks no pay if elected to office; so why would anyone take up the task on being the next U.S. President? Many, if not all, which have a great amount of money take no interest on the course of the nation where they reside. Those in the position of being rich search only for the next amount of gain that can be added to their holdings. However, Donald Trump has decided in his heart to step out of that world to assist and lead a wandering nation into the days ahead. What purpose would any have to give up a successful business to openly announce their candidacy for President of the United States? This facet has to be a concern for the people, and to guide a wavering vessel back on course. Many have become weak by not addressing fundamental principles which have made this land a nation to be reckoned with and respected.

    We see doctrines of truth, and righteousness, not being followed which are diminishing the light of the U.S. The laws are being overrun by those plotting dissension, whereas to divide a nation; and to drive a wedge into the innermost chambers of the Supreme Court. These are the days of travail which are upon us; birth pangs developing at an increased stage each day. This is no time to place weakness in the position of a presidential post. There should be one which leads, bringing the people together, for our enemies are lying in wait for the opportunity to overtake a failed government. By the hand of the Almighty, Our Eternal Light, He shall help us in our time of need if we seek Him out.

    There are many politicians hoping to increase their stature by their words and as to what they say. However, the emphasis remains on the candidate which can inspire a nation, one which can lead a nation out of the smoldering pit of convoluted polices, inept management, incompetent personnel, and a lack of; or willingness to enforce strategic areas needing to be assisted or rebuilt. Who has the knowledge and experience to make adjustments, rebuild a decaying skeleton of a nation, streamline policies, institute a health care package equitable to everyone, uphold the traditions of the U.S., and most importantly to strengthen the military? We believe these qualities are inherent within Donald Trump.

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