1. Sessions is anti weed, Trump is pro-money, what do you think will win? Sessions will have his hands full for many years with other issues. Sessions is also a federalist, he strongly supports state control over federal control. Medical Marijuana is not going backwards, people. Too much of it is already in place, millions have been invested in on-going R&D. The economy could be helped on so many levels-taxed and money saved on prosecution, incarceration etc for non violent crimes and they could focus on real crime. Conservative doctors who support the politicians are in favor of it, BIG-PHARMA is throwing billions at it, the same lobby who kept it illegal all these years. It just makes too much sense.

  2. Lol, he did the opposite. He saved 700 Carrier jobs and 1300 is going to Mexico… in exchange for millions of tax dollars a year. That is a terrible deal. How about 2,000 jobs stay here or they face 1,000,000x the import tax to bring their junk back here.

  3. In Colorado, businesses are still allowed to drug test and can still have drug-free policies even in a recreationally legal state… don't believe that they didn't already think of that. Obviously, you don't want certain people (doctors, nurses, etc.) being high on the job.

  4. The military is far far far from being "Depleted", lol. In fact, it is massively over-bloated and is causing a great deal of harm to our economy. We spend in the trillions on military every year and the Pentagon leaks money like a sieve… and so so much goes to wasted dud projects.

  5. The Catholic Church forgives abortion. Sometimes it isn't entirely bad. If the child is going to be born ridiculously deformed, with deadly medical problems, etc. it should be allowed or if that child threatens the woman's life. Fact is, if the woman lives she can have another child; it's cold but logical. Our orphanages are over filled, there are not enough people adopting or working as foster care.

  6. It is inflation not devaluing… The higher the national debt goes the lower the dollar value goes. Decrease the national debt and inflation will drop. If a dollar is only worth 50 cents it loses half its buying power.

  7. Like how he says that he checks all his employees if they are legal… then his eyes twitch.. that is a sign of lying that police use against you… Trump hired illegal aliens to build Trump tower.

  8. It's funny, when they cut trump and make those compilations with him or he appears on the news, I fucking hate him, I just think "What the single fuck is this guy saying?! Is he fucking crazy?????" And then I see all the footage and think, wtf, he makes sense he didn't even meant what it looked he was saying.

    Point in case, Immigrants and nukes.

  9. I just can't figure out who the hell is voting for this moron. Against pot… but all that sniffing in the debates sure wasn't allergies. Suppose if you can afford all the coke you want, pot isn't good enough anymore?

  10. consider this, there is supposed to be this "white privilege", which seems to be aimed at males, along with this radicalized feminist movement, so why is it that females still win the majority of custody cases, why are they allowed to put there hands all over males, without assault charges, yet that very male will recieve a disturbing the peace charge or assault for "spitting", and as for this "ceiling" women still claim to be there, take a look at the tv stations, any of them, and its not males that have been resigning/terminated from their accociation with clinton, watch the senate hearings, there was a female secretary of state, a female at the head of the doj, a female at the head of the dnc, female anchors/reporters/weather on almost every station, ect

  11. with the Marijuana thing, nothing really negative would change if it was legal besides the people that need it will be able to get it and the illegal market will drop off dramatically, has nothing to do with people piloting a plane etc. that's just stupid, that wont change im sure they will still be drug tested wtf, idiot…

  12. I thought you had to be 35 to run for President? Trump is acting like a child, constantly interrupting the host, and acting totally disrespectful. Trump also cannot give a straight, definite, answer on any questions he is asked about his position on myriad government programs or policies. How in the world did someone so unfit for the job, become the Republican nominee for POTUS?!?! 🙁

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