Does Soda Affect Muscle Building? How To Maintain Healthy Joints? Does Weed Affect Muscle Building?

We’re back! Today we’re going to be doing some more bodybuilding rapid fire QnEH with questions I got off my facebook fanpage. We’ve taken the most popular …


  1. @ndc18 yes it does he has a video on it. Instead of your testosterone going to replenish the muscle, your brain prioritizes reproduction, so the testosterone goes to replenishing the sperm

  2. I do think that the metabolism boost that comes from it can be good for cutting and help you eat more, but heavy lifting and drinking water is a good enough metabolism boost for me. Regardless of weed's effect on testosterone, smoking anything fucks up the lungs

  3. I've been smoking mad tree since I started consuming adequate levels of carbs, proteins, and fats, at which point I weighed 146 at like 9-10 percent bodyfat. Now I weigh 180 at 12-13% bodyfat, my abs are still showing, and I haven't gone on a single cutting phase. It's been 8 months. Regardless, I'm sure you'll continue smearing anecdotal shit on the walls for everyone to see.

  4. Noob… the research on weed is so inconclusive. It's been shown to raise testosterone in mice. A study can be made to have a result based on the motive of the person finding the study because they aren't all conducted properly. Also, the carbonation in soda is the least bad part about it in terms or health. The shit quality sugars in it are going to be far worse for your gains than the carbonation. Regarding leg day – the hormones it induces will affect gains more than change in motivation

  5. Hey Vince I got a question about a diet you posted a while back to get 10%BF
    IT SAYS:
    1.5g protein per bound of body weight.
    .5g carb per pound of body weight
    .75g per pound of body weight.
    For me at 245 pounds my caloric intake is like 4600. Could you please help me out 🙂

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