Does Cannabis Go Bad? | Cannabis for Beginners

Preserving your bud can be tricky — on the one hand, you don’t want it to dry out and lose its potency, and on the other, if there’s too much moisture in the …


  1. Most of the modern hybrids won't be very enjoyable after a year in a jar… unless you suck the air out of it, you can get a mason jar attachment for the food saver.. and don't freeze your buds that'll destroy the trichomes.

  2. You can leave it in a baggie. Fuck the moisture packs. I do not recommend that. Quality herb will last quite long in its original package (zip lock style bags) you don't want to use Mason jars that's what guarantees the herb will become dry and smell changes due to lack of moisture.

  3. Mold grows and thrives in moist dark conditions…exposing your bud to a humidor or direct sunlight will kill most spores molds and fungus…will taste like shit but your bodies immune system will take care of the other parts youre worried about. Who the hell keeps their weed long enough to produce mold anyway?

  4. I went to my moms the other day and in my old room I found a dime bag from high school 19yrs ago. it still did the job and it was mersh haven't seen mersh in about 19yrs

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