1. Can you or any other growers, check me out? My YouTube and 420blog are linked. This is my first time growing. I’m running Maui Wowie, La Confidential, and NYC Diesel all photos. I want to time out one photo and one auto at a time, and have a plant for every 1-2 months. How can I time that out?

  2. at first i thought they were dying fern plants…Wow what a waste of weed growing space. Look at those old ass plants along the wall. Dude, learn to grow and then fill that room up with some real Cannabis! Dude, all those plants are dead, start over! Probably get 20 plants in there 5gal buckets

  3. do not copy these rubbish they sell you on the internet and like this it is not like fertilizers it is just colored water with lots of salt which destroys your crop i will never use these garbage with salt so plants give you so little crop because you use garbage

  4. these fertilizers you buy at the store are rubbish for one round you need at least $ 200 of these rubbish and appliances all together nearly $ 500 i make a round for $ 10 and such plants that you can just watch

  5. I think if you were trying to educate people rather than just making a youtube video you would have mentioned that foliar feeding is best accepted by the plant at a lower Ph (4 -5) and is best to do early morning or evening when stomata are open, but its just about the "views" and "likes"

  6. You said the plants are using extra nitro and when you were away they may not have been fed enough or the extra light could be burning them, that basically covers all the bases of why the leaves could be yellowing. So try foliage feeding with a diluted mixture in a spray bottle maybe at lights out but focus on saturating the entire leaf surface on top and underneath.

  7. Never foliar feed with the lights on, the liquid will be used like a magnifying glass and the light itself could burn the leaves, its best doing it when lights are off

  8. Hello. Can you tell me why one would spray the upper part of the leaves? My understanding is that leaf stomata—the little openings on the leaf where gases are exchanged—are only located on the underside of leaves. Please explain? Thank you.

  9. In my years of experience it's better to foliar feed with *beneficial microbes only*. I always get nute burn with any nutrient foliar spray.

    I foliar feed with actively aerated compost tea. It increases photosynthesis and also coats the plant with a protective film the beneficial microbes produce. Other than compost tea, yucca is really good especially if combined with your actively aerated compost tea. Also dechlorinated water and orca, great white and photosynthesis plus produces a really nice spray as well. You can combine the compost tea with the yucca and beneficial microbes I listed to make a "super" plant probiotic foliar spray, but it's kind of expensive to use all 5 ingredients.

  10. Bro in the video talking. That shit didn't go yellow cause you were out of town. That shit has been underfed and neglected for a long time but an excellent opportunity to show off some good tricks.

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