'Difficult to reverse': Conservative MP on cannabis legalization

MP’s Don Davies, Marilyn Gladu and Arif Virani debate cannabis legalization and if the public needs to be better informed around the rules. Subscribe to CTV …


  1. Can you not smell what is in the air ? There is change in the air . The smell of freedom . You tories may be better on the economic side of things but as social conservatives you fail miserably .

  2. This is ridiculous. A 'pardon' at the border still appears as a criminal record, and for countries like those to the south, possession is a felony, thus entry is denied. Yet someone else today who smokes legal weed can cross the border just fine. Is this kind of inequality of treatment what the Liberals are intending? NDP has it right on this one.

  3. what you just said is miss information and Propaganda. WEED IS HARMLESS WHEN COMAPERED TO ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES! The average smoker smokes 1 1/2 packs a day thats about 40 cigs which is more then an ounce of tobacco. Tobacco has hundreds of added chemicals in it that cause cancer and many other things. The average smoker of weed smokes between a gram a week to 3.5 grams a day. To compare with cigs thats 1 cigarette a week to 3.5 cigarettes a day. Also Smoking while driving doesn't impear the driver what impears the driver is heavily smoking before you get in the car anyone I know who smokes that heavily passes out on the couch and doesn't have enough time to get to the car.
    Everything you know about weed is a lie formed by government agencies to propagandize the population for control.

  4. Marijuana does not give you depression, and there are no health risks. Maybe the Pc's should stop turning to stop things. There just mad they aren't m power n will try anything to get there way. Lady u obviously haven't done your research by the look on your face. Which is I know what's best and clearly you don't. Let alone have any clue to what benefits a country.

  5. If they have any sense left in them, the Conservative should embrace and endorse cannabis legalization. They would NEVER get back to power without that. Talking about reverse is as crazy as suggesting to bring Prohibition back.

  6. Wow, maybe the Traffic accidents are the result of mixing. I’ve never seen anyone who has smoked a joint and gotten into a car & crashed. Why?? Because Smokers don’t want to drive, they want to mellow out and Eat.

  7. It fricking well better. I for one am willing to go to war against any and all comers who give in to the lousy pharmaceutical company’s and I do mean war on the conservative prudes. And I do not like Trudeau but but beware prudes

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