Diagnosing Cannabis Plant Problems. Part 1

Overwatering, potassium deficiency and nutrient burn – these are by far the most common problems of marijuana plants. Buy quality cannabis seeds here …


  1. FoxFarm Grow Big liquid fertilizer can help with this deficiency, Ph your water and make sure its room temp, Water your plant without fertilizer, wait till the next day(water in the morning) add a little of the liquid Grow Big in your water mix (not too much or you'll freak the plant out) and she should recover. (this method helped me)

  2. Thanks helped out alot wasn't sure if it was to much fertilizer or potassium .I was leaning more to potassium.thanks for your pics I confirmed the issue it made it harder because it was 1 of 4 plants.thanks again for the video it helped

  3. Hello Sir Kanna Bis, I like your video a lot cos the way you make us learn
    especially with the Q. at the end to make sure that we learned properly the
    subject of the video ( in this case potassium deficiency and nutrient burn )

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