DEA fights Denver marijuana legalization (Part 1)

08/04/05- Part 1 of 2. SAFER’s Mason Tvert debates a DEA Agent about why adults in Denver should be allowed to possess small amounts of marijuana.


  1. If the debate is between alcohol and dope,one being the better of the two stimulants, then dope wins hands down.
    Ask any cop on a friday night in the city how many stoned people want to start a fight compared to drunk ones.
    When stoned you generally drive UNDER the speed limit cause you cant be bothered to concentrate that much when you drive fast,drunk however you tend to believe you are better than the STIG.

  2. The other funny part is that Heroine or opium is used to make morphine which is legal and used in hospitals everywhere. No medical usage my ass!!!! Oh ya and the grunting chronic masturbator DEA agent was a real nice touch, good job fox, good job!


    The real problems you don't understand the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL.

    The issue is the language.

    de·le·gal·ize – To revoke the legality of

    , and everyone saying we should make Marijuana legal is ignorant and stupid, and don't know about what they are saying.

    Marijuana is already legalized that's why it is illegal to use it, and that is the VERY ISSUE.

    Is what people should say is that they want to DE-LEGALIZE MARIJUANA.

    Its illegal to use but not unlawful

  4. "High potential for abuse and no approved medical uses." I never knew alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine were Schedule I substances. Oh wait, they're not. "People smoke marijuana for one reason, and one reason only; to get high." No way! Do they drink to get drunk too?

  5. When you say "I personally believe". Such as, I personally believe that you can drive while on pot, safely. Such as Iraq and Iran, such as…

    What is up with all these stupid catch phrases? "I personally believe", you are a pot head.

    All drugs should be sold over the counter. Pot, Crack, Sugar, Hydrocodone, Zocor, and all the rest. The government should only inform us about them.

  6. did he say that driving stoned is more dangerous than driving drunk.. wow what a ignorant sun of a bitch, i can smoke 20 joints and drive fine but if i have 20 beers im gunna fuck shit up

  7. just goes to show in their closed mind training they classify things instead of calling an apple an apple cant put pot in the same class as xtasy or crack or meth or oxy's or alcohol..dumazz. if anything, if driving while high on pot you may be slow to react but it wont matter because you wont be doing 90 or swerving all over the road.get the facts right and maybe pot will get legalized

  8. Aww…. The poor DEA rather bother teenagers smoking weed than close down a meth lab or attack a crack house! Go after the real dangerous drugs bastard! How many women sell their kids into sex slavery for their weed fix? I've read many stories about crack heads doing that, but NONE for MJ! Our jails are full with people who just had some weed, while rapist, murders, and other real criminals walk the streets! Oh but no fear of a 16 yr old smoking a joint! I feel so safe as I get shot!

  9. this dum biotch…….id rather drive high then drunk……u can black out while drunk……time goes slow while high….makes u a super hero!
    Dont drink and drive….Smoke weed and fly!

  10. @911LiesWorldWar3 I suppose that's true, but the same thing can be said for marijuana. I wouldn't say it numbs my feelings, but instead it enhances my feelings and makes things feel better. It also makes me happy if I'm sad or mad.

  11. Government lies, no one in the history of mankind has ever died from marijuana, Damn devil liars, the devil is a fucking lie, Bob Marley said why they dont want us to smoke herb? is it because herb makes u think? y do they let us drink? becuause it makes us stupid and destracts us from there evil plots, how long will we allow society to tell us what to do, Mans laws dont work only GODS laws work!!!

  12. @piggyfreak06 not neccesarily, people drink to not only get drunk but to clean there boddies out, or to numb ones feelings, The bible says drink your alcohol, but be careful, the bible also says i have given on to you all the plants trees and spices herbs and animals of the earth, so that u may use them. weather use them to eat smoke drink or put in your gas tank is up to u, we all have a brain, like Bob marley says free yourselfs from mental slavery stop letting the Gov. tell u wrong frm right

  13. watched "How weed won the west" last month… and it made me soo fuckin angry to see a DEA agent wearing a BLACK WATER T-shirt while enforcing FEDERAL law in a state which legalised medicinal… its fucking insane! FIRE IT UP!

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