1. Forcing medical doctors to remain silent about this miracle herb is criminal. They need to amend the Hippocratic Oath, once and for all. That's the only way I would begin to trust medical doctors. Otherwise, it's just too damn obvious that they are actually just legal drug pushers for Big Pharma's synthetic toxins. I quit my med's. I'll never go back. Cannabis is the finest blessing for health available. I consider it a holy sacrament. And anyone who stands between God and his intended target of blessings, especially those blessings that save lives, is asking for some seriously rough karma. And they're getting it now, with so many people awakening to the real cures in cannabis, and rejecting their prescribed pharmaceutical medicines. I beat my type 2 diabetes and my hypothyroidism. I don't need toxins. I have the healing herb. It works faster, better, and with zero side effects. The plant was meant to be free. God created it for our well being. Man created pharmaceuticals to enslave us and slowly kill us, as we become more and more dependent on doctors, hospitals, and all medical industries. Abandon them all. There's a better way. Cannabis.

  2. Its fuckin nutts that we can give children radio and chemo which are hugely toxic and dont cure brain tumors. But there is no compassion to allow mmj that obviously at least helps.

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