Cypress Hill ft. Kokane L.I.F.E (marijuana harvest, weed clip)

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  1. @Neilone2001 ….I've been to Holland and you are right, it is also illegal to grow it for profit unless you are a licensed grower…..I personally liked a cannabis product they called scuff…it's basically compressed kief with some hashish in it….comes in whitish/greenish bars….two hits and you're toast

  2. @wazie232
    Im living 25km from holland…
    Your probably never gone to holland.. yeah you can buy weed whenever you want in coffeeshop but dont try to smoke it wherever you want or you'll be busted by the cops and go directly to the police station…
    You can only smoke at home or in the coffeeshop..

  3. @dragefyr no buddy you are dumb, i dont think we all see God come down here and mix everything together, im pretty sure man does that, god just makes the nutrients, he didnt post a message to everyone saying "hey make alcohol" totally man made, gets your facts right i make whiskey for a living anyways dont tell me how alcohol is made

  4. @dragefyr no my friend god made corn, and other grains, the C02 thats cooked with whiskey is not God made, clearly made by man, yeast is also man made so yeah learn about drinks before telling me its BS

  5. @LightlyFried for real, i mean last night i got so blazed and then today i feel fine i went to work and worked out and everything, but when i drank i cant go to work the next day and i just lay in bed lol weed<everything

  6. i smoke weed everyday to relax and chill i live in Holland i buy it in a coffeeshop so lets legalizing that sticky icky ohwwwww icky

    P,z outtt for the real smokerssssssss

  7. @kaic808 dont smoke anything with ink. kid died a few weeks ago cos he smoked a whole bible. might have been God at work though lol. newspapers are bad as well, dont smoke the newspapers.

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