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  2. anybody can build this for way cheaper than a retarted company will ever charge. as well no insulation have fun using it 4 months a year if that. it wouldnt work in my climate, summer would be too hot winter would be too cold. not designed by respected growers
    poeople have been growing in shipping containers for decades noones gunna buy your pimp my container grow room for 45 grand. anyone can do the same thing for roughly ten. eat a d shitty company eat a d.

  3. It's funny seeing ideas now, i rocked two 40 foot containers with 8 lights each more than ten years ago. Worked super good except for summer haha I almost did it again a couple of years ago, same idea of stacking them. Glad I didnt, with gavita or any double ended bulb type fixture, i would have needed a package ac the size of a home depot. Maybe with led the idea could be better, but they aren't tall enough or wide enough. The amount of dehumidification necessary is ridiculous, containers are metal, it's like biodome where Pauly shore is talking about the beer can effect. Can it be done? Yes it can, but it's not as easy as this well produced video would make it seem. A five or six ton excel ac in one of those with 12 lights would barely cut it, and a quest 205 dehu would be cranking the whole time. Now if those were refrigerator containers…

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