CP OD's on CBD with THC – YMH Highlight

Tom Segura and Christina P recap their disastrous family Christmas party. Christina also discusses her CBD mishap. Tom then recounts his recent taping of Bert …


  1. Do doctors in the U.S. prescribe xanax to anyone who asks for it? In the U.K. the doctors dont prescribe xanax at all lorazepam is the strongest Benzo prescined in the uk.

  2. Ingesting thc changes the chemical formula because I think its processed by the liver n turns it into a different canabiniod which is 10x the strength of the canabiniod when in taking from the lungs. Probably why your tripping 4hrs later plus you did a big dose of thc oil. 🤙 I'm boring I know

  3. The same thing happened to me in middle school. I lit up a blunt and took 2 puffs at the bus stop before school but the bus pulled up quicker then i thought so i had to put it out and put it in my pocket. (The school that i was going to was an alternative school for "bad kids" so they'd pat you down and check your pockets.) I wasn't high and when i got to the school i had forgotten to throw away the blunt so i had to just man up and eat it. 4 hours later and it hits me hard and I'm tripping in class DYING. But it was dope

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