Cory Booker’s New Bill Could Catalyze Nationwide Marijuana Legalization

Surprisingly, one of the most corrupt, corporatist politicians in the Democratic Party proposed progressive-friendly legislation that could catalyze the legalization …


  1. I wish they would quit calling it recreational marijuana, and start referring to it as legally the ability to  self medicate without a doctors prescription , being it all started out as medical marijuana.

  2. I don't give a FUCK!!!!!! illeagal or not.ill do it anyways just like my ancestors did during prohibition days with alcohol. It's MY BODY!!!! And I think it's beneficial to have! with the issues I've suffered from an impailment in a auto accident.its sure as hell better for you than all pharmacutical drugs they keep wanting to shove down our throats that's man made poison…..I REFUSE to be POISONED!!!!!!!

  3. Would be nice if people stopped using the term "legalization" and used the term "re-legalization" instead. Would also be nice if people stopped using the term "Marijuana" and started using "Cannabis" instead.

    If you look at the history of Cannabis and humans, you will find that it has been legal for practically all of human history. It was only recently that we as humans lost our minds temporarily and made it illegal. We are not trying to legalize a drug. We are trying to re-legalize a plant that has an almost countless number of medical and industrial uses that we stupidly allowed to be made illegal by the greedy interests of a small group of rich people. To be fair, they did use all sorts of lies and leveraged fear to convince us to make it illegal, but it's time we made this right. We should not stop until Cannabis is as legal today as it was in the 1800s.

  4. Keep big pharma out of pot they are the ones making billions of dollars pushing oppiods that are killing people and the are addictive. Pot isn't addictive and these drug dealer (big pharma) don't deserve to make money off of God's plant

  5. I want pot legal in all 50 states as well. I have a problem with the United States of America telling Countries (states) what to do. They Can tell the State of what to do. of means without. like the State of Florida… They can not tell real states what do like Oregon State, Colorado State… etc.. These are Countries. These are not property of any corporation they belong to a people. Study Common law understand people make the law not the government a people are the government. I probably didn't say all that 100% but close enough i'm a hobbist common law study'RR not an expert i'm still lerrnin'. I speak 2 languages slang, regular englesh and i am learning the 3rd one. We have three languages in America all sounding similar but foreign from each other. U know what i mean Vern?

  6. Legalization is not a good thing, they will reengineering it down to the DNA and sell their version. Monsanto is already doing this. This government weed will kill you unlike the harmless cannabis of the past that has never killed anyone. Start growing and never buy their engineered weed. Cannabis interferes with mind programming, this is why it was illegal and since they lost the battle against it, they will seek to control it so that their new 5g upgrade to mind programming is successful.

  7. I would vote democrate for the first time in my life on this single issue. I need it and rarely get it because I live in a prison industrial complex state, Texas. This plant has numerous health aspects. Everyone who can should start a mary jane company to sell to big pharma.

  8. Surely you realize that businesses, either big or small, is the catalyst for growth and prosperity in this country. I do not understand people that hate others prosperity so much yet most of us get our jobs from people that are more prosperous than ourselves. It's not bad to be successful and believe it or not, all successful people have not screwed others over to become successful. Most people work really hard for what they have but I guess that's not as trendy as hating on the"rich".

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