1. Link to where I got the syringes on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2x8EmCW

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  2. There's also two other ways I'm aware of… One you can freeze it and it chips all out clean as silk…. also put a little bit of eJuice in all of those cartridges let it sit Stir It with your syringe and it will all come out easily mixed with the e-liquid

  3. Every cart I have has a hollow metal cylinder running through the middle of it? The bottom part of the cylinder is a little fatter so you can't even get the syringe down into it. Did you already remove that entire cylinder or are yours just hollow with a little cap on top?

  4. I have 2 1000mg vape cartridges that im guessing the elements are bad on. I don't want the oil to go to waste. Can I put it in another cartridge I used before, and how easy is it. My cartridges are different. They have gold, and silver tips.

  5. Thanks for the video,peeps! I got a refilled cartridge that finally burnt out a connector..had no idea how to repair it so now i need to extract all that oil and put it in a qorking container…knew i needed a syringe but had no idea where to get em at…thanks again!

  6. I was hoping to find a quick way to extract the distillate I have a full cart of as I need it to make edibles ASAP, I cant wait until a syringe arrives from ebay!! Do you know if any physical store would sell these?

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