Colorado Activists Submit 160,000 Signatures to Put Marijuana Legalization on November Ballot

Marijuana legalization activists in Colorado have collected and submitted nearly twice as many signatures as needed to put their question on the November …


  1. Good job Colorado. Other states will follow your lead. John Suthers is wrong. Cannabis legalization is GOOD for the communities of Colorado. Crime will drop. Healthcare costs will drop. Fatal crashes due to alcohol will drop. Schools and infrastructure will get tons of cash. The teen MJ abuse statistics aren't even accurate because 95-97% of them don't need to be there but they were FORCED BY THE SYSTEM. This plant is not addictive and is one of the safest substances known to man.

  2. Um ill probably go thru college or be a sophmore in college before then, so itll be fine and you think a employer will care, oh no caught with something legal, its not like kids dont get jobs because they got caught with cigs, just saying or i wont get caught LOL

  3. @scottyraw13 That's is the problem. Unions cant have it legalized because they cant make money off a medicine that people can just grow themselves. They would loose far to much profit considering there are over 200 medical conditions that can be treated with marijuana!

  4. A sunbeam of sanity breaks through the clouds. The people have allowed the madness to continue for long enough. Now they are demanding change. Legalize & save lives.

    Ron Paul in 2012!!!

  5. @scottyraw13 It wouldn't work like that…if it were legalized…it would need to be taxed every time it was grown. It would be impossible to tax every single grower.

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