Circle of Hope Boarding School Shuts Down For Good – Amanda Householder Joins Us With Updates

Circle of Hope Girl’s Ranch in Missouri has shut it’s doors for good. Boyd & Stephanie Householder say they have done nothing wrong & will work to clear their …


  1. This poor girl. I appreciate you relating and making her comfortable but seriously, your parents were not this way from how you usually speak of them. They encouraged you to be smart and capable. Comparing your life to this just rubbed me wrong, no disrespect.

  2. While y’all are at it can you take a look into Calvary Boys Ranch, now called Royal C Ranch in Eufala Oklahoma. That place has been operating and harming young boys for decades and it’s sick!

  3. I love how you brought up the importance of therapy. I grew up in a religious household as well, I needed therapy as a teen, and my parents both were too paranoid to send me to a therapist that I needed. Mom was afraid for me to go period as she was convinced that CPS would take away any child who was unhappy at home. Dad keep searching around refusing to send me to any therapist that wasn't Christian as he was convinced somebody not Christian would think I was warped and lock me in an institution. They also definitely instilled into me don't tell anyone not in the family when I was scared, sad, or any sort of negative emotion as they were convinced they'd report it and take me away.

    I ended up going to a therapist that didn't have good techniques for me. Just told me I had to let the sadness go, but gave me no guidance as to how to do it. Just told me I had to figure it out.

    Anyone who needs therapy: don't be afraid of it! Their goal is not to be your enemy, their goal is to help you.

  4. I suspect it could be similar to the lack of police response to crimes in scientology. There's a (sometimes right, sometimes wrong) perception that if it is a religious organisation the laws don't apply and the police cant do anything about it.

  5. Some of these churches might think it's a good idea at the time to do something like this. But, it should just be kept as a idea. Let those that are professionals run places like this where things are professionally done and regulated. The law needs have to place more licensing and regulations when, it comes to places like these. Amanda, so sorry you have had to go through all of this and thank you for bringing this to light and going to bat for these girls. Keep it going and keep up the great work.

  6. Amanda is so brave. My heart goes out to here for all the evil she has suffered at the hands of her family. Thank you Katie for educating us on so many different topics. I am a grandmother and have learned so much since discovering your channel.

  7. Why are you constantly deleting comments and videos? Time to unsubscribe. There’s way too much shady information about you out there. No way people are trying take you down. You’re doing a fine job by yourself. Your channel is way too small for anyone to spend that much time to take you down. I’m sure you’ll delete this, but I’ll be unsubscribed, so peace out! I can’t allow you to make money off of me.

  8. As a Christian, I’m so sorry that others aren’t standing with you. Because the religion I follow tells me to never use my Gods name in vain. To never do anything that wouldn’t please him while using his name specifically! So I will never stand for what I’ve heard these other “Christians” have done. And I can’t imagine any true Christian thinking this is okay.

  9. My heart goes out to all these poor girls Amanda I am so proud of you for speaking up to get the school shut down your mom and dad are sick and they need to be thrown under the jail Good for you Amanda for what you’re doing and my heart goes out to you to for what you have been through with your mom and dad they are sick people let’s all get her mom and dad locked up and throw away the key

  10. Boot camps help you get in shape for things like the military.
    Boot camp is not for people who are struggling.
    Boot camps aren’t meant to break people down for your own sick delusion

  11. Since you strategically turned your comments off on the Sophie’s dad post. Why would you ever put information like that out there that has no factual basis? What if this little girl is being abused and you’re calling them liars. That would make you a monster. It’s seriously icky. You need to check out Mysterious Teas video on you. She made a whole bunch of great points. Like you need this dad to be a liar so you are justified for calling her a liar. If your family got doxxed and you were so scared why are you still reporting? Why can’t you answer these things without playing victim? Come on girl, you’re losing credibility and fast. I’m sure I’ll get blocked, or get some snarky comment back, and I’ll be considered a troll, when in fact I’m a person who is asking you a question about the things you’re “reporting” on. Not everything is rainbows and accolades your way. Sometimes you gotta answer and take accountability. Something you preach about hypocritically, but show zero of.

  12. I am so happy it shut down. When I found her channel earlier this summer, I told her I wanted my Husband who is a Pastor to tell his other Pastor friends. These IFB schools for troubled girls are horrible. Circle of Hope reminds me of Hepzibah House in Indiana. Katie, please also look at Hepzibah House. They even had a Dr. Phil episode about it. I hope and pray all the victims of Circle of Hope get justice.

  13. Satanists are generally against toxic religion and witches work with the disparate energies of the universe and display a specific aesthetic. So you can be both a satanist and a witch if you want! It's all about making your OWN decisions about what you believe. Plus, satanist witches tend to be big on fighting abuse. I admire this woman so much🖤💎✨

  14. You keep saying Dr. Phil is not a licensed therapist, but he was for his entire career up until the time he got his own show. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology, he actually went to medical school and was absolutely a licensed therapist, however, once his show took off he knew he would never return to practicing psychology so he allowed his license (which you must participate in continuing education and renew your license periodically) to lapse in 2006 because he no longer had the time to get his clinical hours and participate in continuing education. I'm not a Dr. Phil fan either. I think his ego enjoys dragging people and humiliating them on camera but I guess to each his own. I just don't like inaccuracies being repeated about people, whether they're good people are not they're entitled to be represented accurately. It's more integrity in your job and as a professional writer/researcher I believe anything one puts out in the pubic should be accurate to be reputable in your position. It's disheartening when people like you who do good research on most subjects are content to perpetuate a myth instead of performing a simple Google search because they don't like someone. Also, I wish you'd remembered during this interview that you were talking about this young lady's parents. Even though they're estranged and she's campaigned to close her parent's school, these are her parents, and saying you hate her mom showed a complete lack of emotional intelligence for her situation. No one wants to hear other people drag someone you love, even if you have issues with them so a little more sensitivity would have been more professional and kind. I'm so glad this school is closed and they can't damage any more kids and I wish the best for this young lady and all the former students. Thank you very much for stating that not all fundamentalists are radical like this family and for not using the word "fundie." It is appreciated.

  15. I adore her and how strong she is. So grateful she an speak her truth. She is giving so many the strength to tell their story. Love this channel. Stay strong and keep speaking your truth.

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