We’re gonna learn what soil mix is the best for growing cannabis for you. Gonna talk about organic marijuana soil grow ingredients, recipe, mixture, learn what …


  1. Which fox farm soil would you recommend for indoor auto’s ? I have a bag of oceans Forrest , happy frog , coco , and strawberry fields . Considering most autos don’t need heavy nutes would you recommend mixing a little of each with some added perlite ?

  2. So I've collected some seeds over the years and some people even gave me some i would like to plant them but i don't wanna fuck up for some one living in the city of NYC what should i do .
    I've research lamp lights and growing boxes but i still feel so unsure

  3. Hi. I'm new to the growing of cannabis. I use Compo SANA Tomato and Vegetable Soil with 12 Weeks Fertiliser for All Vegetable Cultures mixt in whit clay pebbles. is this a good choice?

  4. Can someone give me a soil recipe that actually works? My plants are 3 weeks old and I'm trying to keep them healthy .
    I got my seeds from growers choice , I have 0 knowledge but have the essentials (tent , general hydroponics bundle, lights etc) but my plants never grow past 10 leaves .
    I spent like 300$ on seeds and another 300 on my damn system .
    What can I do to get better results ?

  5. I just started my first grow im doing some outdoor autos. I have 2 Snowryders in Miracle Grow performance organics. And I have the rest in the Kelloggs Organic potting mix and raised bed soil. What do you think of these? Both say they have nutrients to feed for about a month. I dont really know much like I said it's my first grow. If anyone in these comments has advice feel free

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