Charlotte Caldwell on medicinal cannabis oil being confiscated at Heathrow

Charlotte Caldwell flew into the UK with a consignment of the oil which she insists helps her 12-year-old son Billy cope with his condition. British customs officers …


  1. Horseshit. All these so-called concerned people just use things like this as a crutch to get cannabis legalised. The kid needs cannabis to stop seizures? Tell me what valium can't do that cannabis can. Oh yeah, valium doesn't get you blitzed. Anyone check this concerned mother for traces of cannabis in her bloodstream by any chance?

  2. I totally back this family . My daughter who has brain damage cerapasly distunia witch is tightening of all muscles last yr my daughter started to have 40 to 50 sizures a day . After trying many medications and finding none of these could help my daughter in the long run because it's all try and era that . They have the power to look into the benefits of cannabis . I carnt give my daughter this because society doesn't look at it like this . I think we need people to stop thinking of the negatives around this and start seeing how we can get the best from this

  3. Legalise cannabis it’s obvious that it has loads of health benefits and just think you terrible conservative government can make another new tax up because that’s your speciality new taxes when are you bringing your breathing tax out !!

  4. Health has been totally hijacked by big pharma and their toxic poisons. CBD oil cures many things, but it can't be patented because its natural. Its a corrupt system…

  5. OK.. my comment is back. I apologize – but have to admit.. some U TUBE stuff IS BOGUS in so many ways. THANKFULLY… this needs our attentions … I so apologize.. I've had comments deleted before and for NO apparent reason or reasons. I thought this was happening again.

  6. Ohh. Me too – terribly terribly sorry for Billy, Mom and family. Medical treatments and when needed are getting more and more difficult as time goes on and for countless persons in all countries it seems. Here we are….a treatment that Billy needs and has been taking with positive results, minimizing his torments and sufferings, and as a race of Human Beings in the 21st century, his medication is confiscated by AIRPORT officials – – not Dr's, attorneys or Judges. Not much hope in the future (evolution) of mankind as such actions today are enforced without regards for humanity and/or quality of life in the present, much less the future. GOOD LUCK Charlotte.

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