Certo Marijuana Detox WORKS! | CERTO METHOD WORKS 2019!

Let’s Psych Your Perspective**** It WORKS! I did the urinalysis drug test, and passed with flying colors! However, I ended up taking another job offer oddly …


  1. its straight bs that these companies do these tests. so its ok for me to be a hardcore alcoholic but god forbid i smoke weed. they dont even know why their testing. and on top of it the pay sucks. but if i go work at a high end company making bank there is no drug test. if i go work for a shitty company making min wage there is one. makes no sense.

  2. I took the certo today for a job and I’m waiting for the results, but I didn’t use any vitamin pill, but I did drink plenty of water after I drank the certo, do you think I’ll still pass?

  3. Just a message to the heavier people like me that are going to do this. I stress you don't smoke for at least a week. I went to interview and was going to hear from the next week. I tried it after three days and took my own drug test at home and failed.

    The recruiter called and said I had the job. At this time it was 7 days. I tried it again and passed.

  4. I'm about 5'7", 160lbs. Haven't smoked in 3 days it was just two small bowls. Before that I haven't smoked in about a week. My test is tomorrow… I feel like I should be good but I'll def be back to let y'all know 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. I am a heavy set girl. About 250 pounds. I have my test at the end of July. I am still in the window to quit for 30 days if I am needing but but would prefer not to and use the certo method. Do you think this method would work even thought I am heavier set?

  6. I have 2 tests for 2 different jobs tomorrow. I have done the Sure Jell/Gatorade tonight and am drinking water. I also took a multivitamin with the B12. Both tests are in the afternoon so about an hour and a half before the first one I’ll drink the second batch. I am adding Creatine to the second batch just as an extra precaution. I’ve been clean for 30 days but failed an at home test today without diluting.

    I’ll post how they turn out. Congrats BTW 👍.

  7. We in the same state tooooooo like i haven’t smoked in a week but i know i have to find a job and right now i haven’t gotten no interviews yet so can i smoke until i get a interview then do the certo ?

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