1. The one thing that just about hundreds of diseases have in common is "Inflammation" So the more inflammation a person has the more diseases will manifest. It was way back in the 1960's that Dr Raphael Mechoulam isolated THC Psychoactive ingredient in the Marijuana cannabis plant that gets people high. In his research he also reported the many health benefits of Cannabis Oil extracts. The sickness industry is THRIVING because they found ways to disarm your signalling systems in your body that communicates with all major organs to eliminate metabolic waste and inflammation. Hundreds of diseases have been linked to inflammation. The good news is that a pure full spectrum CBD Oil helps to restore the health of all three signalling systems and more. So now that you understand how critical it is to support all three of your signaling systems to all major organs with a pure CBD Oil, I invite you to research our brand that comes from an Organic pesticide, chemical free farm and it is a full spectrum C02 extraction from the complete plant.

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