CBD vs THC (my experience)

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  1. Just quit weed 8 days ago now I'm on CBD and quit weed for life this is my first day on CBD and feeling pretty relaxed atm lmao didn't think it would work this fast 😂

  2. Hey can someone help me I used to smoke thc carts but now everyone I smoke I get panic attacks and me heart rate goes up to like 170. Thinking about grabbing a cbd cart but I’m not sure how it will make me feel will it give me the same panic attacks or Na. also how does cbd feel when u smoke it without thc

  3. I don’t think it’s so much they were smoking 0% thc they just hadn’t bred and manipulated it to the potency of today. Even smoking 1 or 2% thc weed wouldn’t make someone monged out.

    Nowadays it’s often well into the double digits. Don’t really smoke that much bumped into an old friend the other day and had 4 hits of his blunt, it messed me up for 12 hours. I don’t think weed 1000’s of years ago would’ve done that. It wasn’t even enjoyable I was anxious AF.

    Wish we could pay a lot less for lower thc but the price stays the same/similar which for me i’d rather just do a tiny hit in a pipe than waste money

  4. I love the fact that for him a half a g is a lot😂 the only way I’ll get high from that is if I use a one hitter and hold every hit in at least 30 seconds when it comes to my normal dose I smoke at least 4-15 grams

  5. "Experience" pffftt , its just pot mate, you say it like you were trippin' on acid…
    let me tell y'all easily what the difference between this two :
    CBD takes you to Peace
    THC takes you to Space

  6. from what I heard, modern strains of weed were heavily bred to produce more cannabinoids. May them be THC or CBD.
    But even CBD strains are very modern as we needed to breed the thc out first!
    So old strains of weed had both thc and cbd, but in smaller quantities than modern day weed.
    Today we can reach about 30%+ total cannabinoids, terpenes, etc way back, maybe it was more like 10% which just means you had to smoke more (more tar in your lungs) to get the same medical effects.
    I think long therm, I'll be moving away from THC bred stuff and rather use 1:1 thc/cbd strains as my daily flowers.

  7. CBD is more than just oil…You can break down and smoke CBD all the same ways you smoke THC. I consume CBD way more now compared to my THC days when I was younger and I know why now what the "bad highs" were…CBD treats the anxiety for me…no paranoia, I can wake up with it, work after a session, and get things done and it soothes my physical pain. If I smoke THC, at least I know which strains work for me and I'm the same way, I gotta make sure I'm doing nothing or socializing to smoke it. Or I'd smoke CBD after to get me going again.

  8. Thank you!!! I jus ordered cbd vape pens… me and thc don’t mix well… I have a love hate relationship with weed! So hopefully the cbd will give me the relaxation without the super high feeling

  9. I think Diet, Exercise, not putting excessive junk in your body, Drinking a lot of water, on top knowing, like you did, when youre in a bad mental state and when youre running from something, are all things one must contemplate if you a regular or daily Cannabis user. Its a great tool, but you must learn how your body best uses it.

  10. Have u tried the tinctures/drops yet? I really like the CBD at Stonerholic.com I've tried a bunch of different ones but theirs is the only one that actually works for me. Maybe the terpenes that are in it are key for me, idk. (they have "full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD" instead of just plain CBD)

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