1. I just started using the oil last night just as a fluke I bought it for my daughter because of her anxiety and she says it does nothing for her but I said what the hell I spend $40 for this bottle on Amazon and I started to rub it on my toes which the burning starts all day guess what it's the second day and I'm feeling benefits already does not burn so much and I'm a lot more comfortable now after taking Gabapentin that my doctor prescribed which is not even for this condition it's for people who have dizzy spells doctors love to push drugs I am a lot more comfortable I've been with those pills and sick throwing up and dizzy all day give it a try it may work for you anything is better than living where the Live Match under your foot all day long I rub a couple of drops on the area where it starts burning and it shoots it right away

  2. so what's the CBD oil there has to be something going on with the brain cuz the brain is responsible for pain receptors and the pain receptors are the neuropathy is caused from damaged nerves basically dead nerves and might work coming for my type 1 diabetic thanks for sharing

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