CBD oil for ADHD and Anxiety – Part 1

Personal story of how hemp oil has helped her whole family. More info at www.cityandseatrading.com.


  1. Thank you for this video! I put my son on cbd after watching everyone's videos on it and he got the same results! I started with 1 drop under the tongue every morning and then again in the afternoon, 2 drops the next week and now we stick with 4 drops in the morning and afternoon and he is calmed right down and so happy. Our home is peaceful again 🙂 we love cbd! ❤ cbd for adhd!

  2. You're getting your whole family roasted and the animals! Girl that's hilarious! She was so high!! You're even sneaking drops in your husbands drinks and he doesn't even know why he's got the munchies so much. Has he been going through the peanut butter and syrup like there's no tomorrow!?!

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