CBD Oil Effects for Autism

Busy day! The new FA shirts came in, we opened fam mail, the girls went to the pool, we talk about CBD oil effects for autism and specifically how it affected …


  1. Can you send me a picture of Abby Fisher my birthday is September 19th September is on Ace it's on a Saturday can you show me September ☺️ I was born in Portland yeah I was born in Portland Oregonyeah I was one important argument I just want to see if you will send me a shirt of every year I went way my size is 2X to Jackie Johnson

  2. Well here is the messed up part about c b.d. use in Virginia….if used…the child cannot and will not be allowed in any educational school facility…(even private,parent paid for facilities)… Commonwealth states are useless bullcrap!!!

  3. What is the connection between PWS and autism? I understand Ab doesn't care about outward appearances. And I'm not saying there's PWS. But there are some concurrent behaviors. I want a scientist to lecture me.

  4. New to your channel, but have you tried any dietary things? From my research the best seems to be all organic gluten-free, casein-free, low-carb, high (healthy) fat. It’s basically an anti-inflammatory way of eating. Since you mentioned losing weight – it’s excellent for that, especially for men. Also helps kind of inflammatory pain, and autism. There’s a site called thedietdoctor with lots of (free) videos & articles, & if you want more in-depth you can pay to subscribe. I think they have a YouTube channel, too.

  5. with the food… you hold it.. .the plate. To increase opportunities for communication and to slow down her eating… have her request for more.. using total communication approach. (asl, gestures, hand over hand, vocalizations,) anything you can get out of her. When she requests give her some.

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