CBD Gummies for Dummies – Differences Between All Types CBD Gummy Edibles Explained

CBD Gummies for Dummies is an in-depth look and tutorial for anyone interested in buying CBD gummies and is unfamiliar with the different types, Flavors, CBD …


  1. I do have a question; why is it the gummies I have ordered on amazon, tinctures, and vape juice does not help with my pain at all but down the road there is a vape shop that sells cbd gummies infused broad spectrum 4000mg that works so well that I can actually walk without pain. Yep just waiting on the VA to approve a procedure that happens yearly since my militarty retirement and takes forever. So I am quite happy but…what if they do not have it in stock? Where else can I get it? I live in Alaska, sort of like an island away from USA. I like supporting my community but I need an alternative just in case. Does your company actually have gummies that work on chronic pain?

  2. What’s a good product to help with pain are used to smoke weed a lot and it helped with a lot of pain from working out and getting good sleep but unfortunately the job that I have I can’t have any type of HTC I would like the effects without the HTC that can help with pain And sleep if possible please steer me to a product

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