Hello lovelies and welcome to my channel! This is my 15 TH installment of TIP TUESDAY!! QUICK TIPS to Improve our LIVES overall with makeup and skincare, …


  1. So have you tried to use it on your eyelids as well? (Entire eye area). I've seen reviews where other users have and noticed their eyelashes had grown as well after using this. Thanks for the awesome video review/tutorial. 🥰

  2. Hi Jennifer! Been thinking about buying this balm. I was just wondering if it has helped your lashes grow at all? A read a few reviews saying it does. Your skin looks amazing, and thanks for posting. 🌹

  3. I love this stuff…. I not only use it before my makeup but after a few hours I will go dab the tiniest amount and dab it right under my eyes over my makeup and wait a few minutes then dab with a clean finger just to get some of the excess off and it doesn't mess up my makeup. I use Estee Lauder powder foundation so I cant speak for other foundations but this perks up my under eye after a few hours of makeup wear.

  4. I need something despearately, after my makeup has been on awhile, I find my skin feels so tight. I use first aid beauty mosturizer but I'm wondering if it's setting powder or new concealer I'm using.
    Thanks for trying it out.

  5. Yessss!!!! Finally !!! Ok totally gonna order this sunshine and give it a good 30 days. Thank you love for bringing this gem to our attention!! Ohh and my lashes are growing!!! Thanks to the little serum you told us about not too long ago 🥰

  6. I’m only 33 but have some serious fine lines and wrinkles already developed and developing under my eyes. I’ve yet to find a product that I feel is truely helping to either smooth it out or slow down the progression.ill have to check out the website for this because Ulta doesn’t deliver to Australia

  7. So helpful Jenn! I have very dry skin and that balm looks nourishing and very moisturizing! It’s great to know your opinion having oily skin as this tells me that it is not going to leave an oily residue, which I don’t like. Thank you once again for your always useful videos! 😘

  8. Hi Jen! I wish you had done a before and after because when I went back a month and looked in your concealer video (because it’s your under eyes) I can’t see a difference? Thanks! 😘💋

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