1. It says Rick Simpson oil has extremely high THC content. I'm wondering what your thoughts on CBD oil are? I have bipolar type 2 and have crippling social anxiety which is really ruining my life because I'm a new mom and want to be able to do things with my daughter (when this covid crap ends) but even a trip to the grocery store is debilitating. I don't do well smoking weed. It makes things much worse for me.

  2. I also started CBD oil.
    It saved my life together with LTO3.
    My dokter is angry with me because I had some quite severe rebound effects from the CBD once.
    I was diagnosed as autism with depression before.
    Got re-diagnosed, diagnosis is not finished, but I know it will be either Bipolar or Schizoaffective.

  3. Congrads on the weight loss I hope you keep it up, start lifting weights and walking. I have Bi polar 1, was on Lithium Carbonate 900mgs, those bastards at the psych ward put me on depakote, and tired keeping me on Hadol. I am off all that shit, and taking just 20 mg of Lithium Orotate. When I get disability money I am going to buy some CBD. I am curious if marijuana really causes pyschosis and not wheat flour and proccessed foods, high sugar etc. Western style diet, fast food. I believe Bi polar is mal nutrition and not taking care of your self, But I do beleive it is there still, just healing needs to be in place with a healthy diet. And getting good sleep. No long hour stress jobs.

  4. I used CBD oil for 3 days and I was very irritated and not about a significant thing. Just very highly irritated. I quit yesterday and upped my med back (Cipralex). Plus I was manic when I started and on day 3 I hit depression. Was it the dose? Was it drug interaction? Or was it just not meant to be?

  5. Bipolar disorder isn't completely "fixed" by meds. My wife is a very good wife. She can tell how I'll be in the morning. Complete 180° with the day before. Music, books, and even the morning news. I'm getting some cbd oil today, but still take the crazy pills. Thanks for your input.

  6. Hi wonderful video! I was wondering if it took some time after getting off of your pharmaceutical medications before the cannabis oil starting working. I am just wondering because I am on 80 mg of Geodon and I am unable to get high on marijuana due to my dopamine levels being so depleted from my medication. I am wondering if it will take some time for the cannabis oil to start working while I am waiting for my dopamine levels to return to normal after going off my meds. Also indica weed used to help successfully treat my bipolar disorder (I only have issues with the mania) and I used that for four years with success and no medication. Thank you for any response = )

  7. Cannabis is a miracle medicine plant. I hate the stigma surrounding it in the states. It IS medicine. It is very hard for some people to accept that.
    Glad to hear you're off the pills! They had you on so many pharmaceuticals; I saw your other videos where you named them off and you had bottle after bottle.
    Stay well, brotha!

  8. That is awesome, dude… I'm glad people are waking up to the reality that pharmaceutical drugs are deadly toxic, and cannabis oil cures cancer and treats most other conditions with better results and less harmful side-effects.

    God bless you and everyone else using natural medicine.

  9. ok so now I am 52 an I ve been diagnosed with bipolar years ago, Ive taken every pill my doc prescribed to me,, after time everything has quit working!! I quit the dr.'s program of shoving pills down my throat!!!! Its now been 1.5 yrs later!! I only use Indica PHO (oil) as well as flower (bud), Blue City Diesel, Durban Poison, Cinex!! These are some of the best strains I have tried and works awesome!! But I do have 1 issue as I can not seam to get away from the deep depression side of Bipolar??? any ideas??? as I swing from manic to depression several times a day!! lately I have discovered That the hot summer temps effect my depression!!!

  10. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight on !!!!!!!!!!!! I went through/am actually still going through extremely similar circumstances. When I mention it to anyone they all think I'm insane…As in, most think I must be in a manic/hypomanic state and feel I'm being very irresponsible.  

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