Cannabis Oil Success Story: Cerebral Palsy

GuerillaHealer visits w/ Dylan chapter 1 This was our second meeting. The first time we met Dylan, he had never utilized cannabis oil before. After following our …


  1. Can small children take cannabis oil? My son has cp and none of the drugs doctors have given him work. All they do is make him sleepy and do nothing for his muscles. I do not want my son on dozens of lab-made medications because they have so many side-effects.

  2. Praying for you. I also have cerebral palsy and cannabis helps me in the same way it helps you. I hope you are able to get the care you DESERVE. Sending you positive vibes and encouragement.

  3. We spoke to a M.D. , general practitioner, who then consulted with a neurologist who was on call. Mikey was prescribed Baclofen Oral. Do yourself a favor and look it up, this is what I was told was the best medicine available for my 2yo. I requested any type of alternative, they told me there was none for spasticity in Cerebral Palsy patience , and this was the end all be all for it. Please read all the side effects and understand that given Michaels condition he cant communicate verbally so any of the side effects such as rash, swelling etc. he would not be able to effectively communicate, so unfortunately he a prisoner in his own mind with no way to communicate it to anyone…. Now please tell me if any of you would give this to your 2yo. One final thought if you do a Google search of this drug, you will find it is not recommended for children under the age of 12, just a little food for thought.

  4. Our goal is to secure funds to help us relocate to where we can get the care Michael deserves. After reaching our goal ALL funds over that goal will be setup in a non profit foundation in Michael's name to help the families that have been told countless times by countless foundations as we have, there are no programs like that available, our organization will be the program to provide assistance to families with children with special needs to help them relocate to so they're children can also receive the care they so desperately deserve twitter:@compasionmikey

  5. I only understood a few things because my English is still poor. I  am from chile and i'm growing northers ligths plants. My question is if can i give oil of this plant (NL) to a 7 years old child. This video motivates me to do it. Good video, Regards

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