Cannabis Oil: Ice Water Hash Extraction

Make Cannabis Oil from hash using an Ice Water Extraction. Useful for those who need minimal cannabis scent. Also useful to switch to in case of stall in seizure …


  1. Seriously, I don't understand why you would do that. No idea at all. There is medicine in the flowers, the sugar leaves, the trim leaves and even the stems. Granted, the majority of the medicine comes from the trichomes, but you lost so much beneficial medicine. You actually poured it down the drain.

  2. so i just made good amount of ice water hash.. i tried to press some it into rosin but it just turns into dark and doesnt turn into "oil". What liquid are you adding to the IWH before you put it in the oven? I dont like smoking the stuff by itself and wish it was more bubble.. Tried to make it into frenchy canolis (look that up if you havent heard).. and that didnt work either. I am very confused .. any input? thanks

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