Cannabis Mould, BUD ROT Or Mildew – Diagnosis & Prevention Guide

Today on Lex’s World a discussion of Botrytis fungus (Bud rot), mildew and powdery white mould, the most common types of microscopic-pests seen on …


  1. New medical patient/grower just harvested first good run and yep, bud rot. I know why and have corrected the problem for future runs, but it still sucks. Thanks for the straight dope, Lex.

  2. You do know there are alot of sprays ive seen work on mould .

    And jorge cervantes also has a video about bud washing. So i mean if you detect it early on. You can save ALOT of your weed 🤷‍♂️

  3. I've never had this issue, if you have I would ask you what intake/exhaust fans are you running?
    If you have one or two oscillating fans that is enough but if you're not getting fresh air in the room with an even distribution of fresh air that is being exhausted, it probably explains it.
    Try to mount at least one of your best fans up high, the higher the better. Hot air rises and if you mount it high it will evenly distribute the heat and air in the room. Your intake ducting should be low in the room and your exhaust should be mounted as high as possible. Use your second fan to oscillate through the buds and that is probably the best you can get.

  4. Best thing to do is toss it in the trash and start over. It's sad MANY companies, dispensaries, and people in general take said mouldy bud and them turn it into a concentrate so YOU the buyer has no clue. Yes this happens in LEGIT shop's across the country.

  5. I had "bud rot" pop up on a few plants this year, very frustrating. It started to happen that I would find a new section everyday, so explored further. I found that there were alot of tiny caterpillars living in the buds… my assumption is the cannabis buds might be too hard to digest for them, it seems they would go between the plant stem and bud stem and eat a hole into it… anywhere eaten would be dead and rotting in a couple days. Was wondering if it common with other people as I never saw anything about it when initially looking into why the rot is happening ….

  6. illegal laws create mould in my counrty as many grow plants in damp sheds to hide away from the police,. a few times I had to throw away weed as it had deadly black mould. I might have well just lit my money in flames. thanks government. I hope you enjoy your legal alcoholic drink which supports 3 million alcohol related deaths per year you hypocrites. weed should be grown legally in safe good quality and cured properly.legally.

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