Cannabis LOLLIPOPPING – How To + Thoughts On Effectiveness

Today I explain how to lollypop your Cannabis plant in another Horticulture lesson within my plant training series…my low stress training episode link is further …


  1. Young people,that r started with just som usual knowledge about Cannabis don't need to look around …Al is here at one place, shows at d best way with best commentary about all questions that can interested them.

  2. I am growing from clones outdoors, is it worth lollipopping if overall the entire plant is getting decent light exposure? Or would it still be worth it just to have more of the plants attention at the top of the plant?

  3. Lolipopping the cannabis plant in veg stage is good for it to be stressed. The stress produces more buds. I knew a grower guy who used to throw the whole plant out his window onto the street. The damaged plant would come back stronger and grow much better later.

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