Cannabis Legalization: Will the MORE Act being Postponed HURT Democrats?

Cannabis Legalization: Will the MORE Act being Postponed HURT Democrats? • Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC… Subscribe To The Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC …


  1. Here's what I think is the problem with the rest of americans who opposed legalization of cannabis and that's the lack of information they see it as a drug that has supported the cartels for many years and that is true but if we could educate them on the benefits of cannabis they would see that it is not only a safe alternative to alcohol and the opium problems it's a huge cash crop that could potentially get America out of debt and not to mention the great benefits for medical use we need more commercials pamphlet eradication unless negativity from our government

  2. i live in California, its legal here but we can still get fired for using outside of work.. pretty useless and a catch-22. The state of Maine has protections for their residents to be able to use without being fired, even though weed is not legal federally. Who can i write to have the same protections for california residents.. ive written to newsom and no reply since the fires are taking priority at the moment, can you mention this idiotic catch-22 on your show

  3. Biden’s plane to reschedule it to schedule 2 would of still made it almost the same as it is now, unreachable to some when it should be reachable to all adults who have a need for it, I for example use to take anxiety pills and strong sleeping pills and since a friend introduced me to cannabis I have honestly stopped taking all those pills. Those pills have taken its toll on me and I just can’t take them anymore it’s effecting my heart. LMC again great work on the video, you have become one of my top 5 youtubers, I love that we get back to back videos from you of great and informative news. I’m actually surprised you’re not bigger, wish I had more time to watch and support the podcasts.

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