Cannabis Legalization in Canada! Canadian Government to Legalize Marijuana – Smokers Guide TV Canada

– The Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau pledged the would legalize cannabis in Canada if they won the election. Well, they won! So will …


  1. The sound man is on dope using an omni directional mic so all you hear room reflection. Prime minister said legalization is job one but now we find importing 25000 votes is actually in reality job one. Are these PPL going to Rockcliff? Nope, their coming to Emvale to stay with us. Hey Justin, Chop chop! I'm outa cash, outa weed & fresh outa patients being chased around by your pigs, living underground, paying through the nose. WHERES MY LEGAL WEED!? Or were you planing on decriminalizing & keeping the price fixed for your legal filthy rich king pin buddies to monopolize?

  2. Legal is one thing but it still needs to be regulated to ensure standards and protect consumers. 
    I strongly disagree that the world (or Canada) needs edibles such as cakes and candy – a pill or tincture would serve the same purpose. I realise cannabis is a non toxic substance but there are still dangers in people inadvertently ingesting doses when they have not made the choice to do so. We want society to embrace this substance but this will not happen unless we are showing the world that cannabis users and producers are responsible people.

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