1. cannabis leaf problems

    Time Stamp for Video:

    (01:05) : Boron Deficiency

    (01:13) : Broad Mites or Russet Mites

    (01:20) : Bud Rot or Mold

    (01:28) : Calcium Deficiency

    * https://youtu.be/UuU19UPNhP0 (In depth video here)

    (01:38) : Copper Deficiency

    (01:47) : Fungus Gnats

    (01:55) : Heat Stress

    (02:04) : Iron Deficiency

    (02:10) : Leaf Septoria or Yellow Leaf Spot

    * https://youtu.be/RMi7HauHy-4 (In depth video here)

    (02:17) : Light Burn

    (02:24) : Magnesium Deficiency

    (02:30) : Hermaphrodites

    (02:36) : Manganese Deficiency

    (02:43) : Molybdenum Deficiency

    (02:50) : Nitrogen Deficiency

    (02:56) : Nitrogen Toxicity

    (03:02) : Nutrient Burn

    (03:09) : Over Watering

    (03:15) : pH Fluctuations

    (03:21) : Phosphorus Deficiency

    (03:28) : Potassium Deficiency

    (03:35) : Root Rot

    (03:42) : Spider Mites

    (03:50) : Sulfur Deficiency

    (03:58) : Under Watering

    (04:08) : Powdery Mildew

    * https://youtu.be/VedH2NbTilc (In depth video here)

    (04:14) : Boron Deficiency

    (04:23) : Zinc Deficiency

    (04:31) : Chlorine Deficiency

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  2. I woke up this morning and my 2 plants have these white spots everywhere on almost every leaf and it's not mildew or anything I've done tons of research but nobodys talked about it and it's like little white circles that scratch off and when you scratch it off its sticky any ideas?

  3. My plant has a problem but I don't see it here the video is informative but a bit to fast, what am I to do it's my first Gros n everything was going so well help ..where can I send pic or vids to for diagnosis

  4. is there anywhere i can get info on how to rectify the problem and i could cross reference against my leaves properly watching this doesnt clearly identify the problem could be few things wrong

  5. I learned tht bud rot actually is because of some camoflauged caterpillars tht suck da life outta your flower and da mold comes from em' taking a dump and tht attracts the mold thts already in the air…n it all happens late stage

  6. I need help my plant has turned a darkish green color and my other 2 plants are still a regular color and I use Calmag the flora trio the plants light is a 1000watt led and is 2.5 feet away from it how can I help this

  7. I have a whole shed full of nutrients, maybe 10,000 dollars worth of almost everything… I'm not finding copper anywhere. Somebody mentioned copper in a certain nutrient and I can't find his comment anywhere of course. What nutrients have copper?
    Nvm I figured it out. Didnt realize Cu was copper. Never had a copper deficiency b4

  8. Ok so im here again and its the first im seeing this problem with one of my plants and i really dont think its underwatering. Everything looks perfect, fan leaves are up, buds are big and beautiful and trichomes are really popping white but the small leaves where the buds are they are all limp. Whats up with that? I thought the plant wanted some sun and i put it out and its the same, only fan leaves and buds look better

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