1. I went through this a few years back and sadly I'm falling back into it because of depression but like he said, we'll get through this and everything will be . You'll be sick for about 5 days and then you'll be okay.

  2. It is actually way more common than u think. Most people just don’t realize that they actually have it because they don’t really smoke heavy enough to get all the symptoms. I developed it after 4 years of smoking and it feels like I’m being stabbed. I wake up in the morning and my stomach feels like there’s a vacuum sucking it in, a strange pressure feeling. I also can’t keep down food after not eating for a few hours. All this only happens if I smoke 3+ blunts a day.

  3. I had chs for over a few years. I had no clue i would puke every morning and throughout he day I went from eating 3 meals a day to not eating but 1 time a week. I’d take a bite and run to the bathroom to puke. I thought I was dying. Although I never quit smoking I smoked a lot less (1.5 or concentrate a day) to about a gram of flower and .4-.5 of wax a day. I’m fine now so maybe you don’t have to completely stop just slow down? Who knows everyone is different

  4. I'm experiencing this right now. I had open surgery and wasn't keen on the surgery meds so I tried to up my weed intake to double in place of surgery meds.
    I went five days without eating and was vomiting for six days in a row. Ended up in hospital on fluids.

    From what I have read, you really do need to completely quit for life.

  5. I just recovered from this, I have pretty lightly smoked for a few years but only heavily for the past 6 months and still got this. 3 ER visits in 6 days, it was the worst time of my life. People seriously need to listen to this! Overconsumption is NOT worth it!

  6. This is real..started 2 years ago, would get up, feel sick and dizzy, would have to lay down until about noon. Then symptoms over the next year got worse and worse, would get up in the morning, feel dizzy, sweating really bad (including night sweats), bad fever, start being violently sick, so much so it wouldnt stop, have to call an ambulance, go to hospital no anti sickness injections would work, it would just come to a halt and leave me very dehydrated and weak. Was told I had sepsis first time it happened, every time they just didnt know what I had, it was causing lots of stress and worry. Its really an awful thing to have. I see videos on here, some talk about having Cannacis hypermesis, I dont think some have, theyve just "thrown a whitey" This is different, its dibilatating until you find out what it is. Hopssitals needs to be more aware. I was a long tern user 20 years plus, smoking all day, every day Gelato and every other high grade I could get my hands on.

  7. My life is a goddamn nightmare because of CHS. Not how you think. I know for a fact that my stomach problems aren't caused by smoking. They started when I hadn't smoked weed in over a year. I smoke some weed, I get relief. So I have weed in my system when I go to the hospital. Catch 22. I look them in the eye and tell them it started when I wasn't smoking and that it happens regardless of whether or not I've smoked. They refuse to believe me. They call me a liar. On one of the visits, I tried explaining it to a nurse. She angrily looked at me, told me to shut up, and said "yes it is. We see it all the time." I live in a pretty small town. This hospital is relatively new. How can the cunt "see it all the time" when it affects 1 in a million? Or one in a hundred thousand? They love to blame weed and they will try to push that diagnosis whenever they can.

  8. Just curious why the topic of pesticide sickness wasn't brought up in this video. Pesticides are being used more and more nowadays especially by licensed producers. Pesticides like myclobutanil(eagle 20) have been a big part of commercial growing, and isn't it funny how the majority of cases of CHS are coming from states that have legalized marijuana? That alone should be atleast one red flag….. Ntm some of the biggest license producers (aurora/mettrum/organigram) have been cause using banned toxic pesticides on LP medical weed and have had class action lawsuites against them because of it. ✌

  9. I got it and I couldn't stop smoking. Every time I wake and bake I throw up. Tbh I'm watching this and commenting because my stomach is upset every morning. It sucks.

  10. I have been smoking not so potent weed for 7 years and ended up with CHS. It has absolutely nothing to do with the potency of the weed. I am a 100% sure that the cause for CHS is azadirachtin poisoning. It is a pesticide used in the growing process that became certified as organic and safe to use 2004, the same year when CHS was discovered. For people who smoke large quantities of bad quality weed for ages will most likely come across weed that has been treated with neem oil (azadirachtin) and over time it will cause your body to react in this extreme way. I know this from personal experience after ending up in hospital four times for the same cause (Google CHS symptoms). Doctors didn’t know what was causing it. The first time they thought it was food poisoning. The second and third time I personally thought it was because of stomach ulcers. I did the gastroscopy and h-pylori blow test and the results were negative. On the other hand, from the very first time I ended up in a hospital because of this I mentioned that I smoke a lot of weed on a regular basis. When they asked me if I like to take long hot showers and I confirmed I did, that’s when they told me it might be because of the weed. I thought they were insane since weed never killed anybody. It is not caused by the weed itself. Azadirachtin poisoning is a very serious problem and has nothing to do with the potency of your weed. It’s easy for a person to speculate what is causing CHS when they never had it themselves. I also suffer from an endocrine disease called pituarity hypoplasia, because of this I was always seen by endocrinologists in the hospital and never by a gastro expert, until the fourth time I ended up in hospital. That's when a gastro expert told me specifically about Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome. I have done my own research online now and my conclusion is that AZADIRACHTIN POISONING is the cause for CHS. I could even smell the pesticide on the weed that got me sick the fourth time. You all know how good weed smells and how bad weed smells. Unfortunately for me, in my country weed is illegal and we will never know what the grower did to the plant. The ONLY WAY to keep smoking weed and not having to worry about CHS is to grow your own without any pesticides. End of story, hope this helps! For people who are suffering right now from CHS I reccomend the video from the user Phil Lipanski on what foods to eat during CHS. What helped me the most is drinking lots and lots of water, hot showers/baths, mashed bananas, pasta with tuna, protein shakes, avocado, yoghurt, ice cream and finally drinking lots of boiled water.

  11. Unlucky me Y^Y I started using it for my chronic stomach issues as no medications work for me. it is a nightmare I've had to live with that the ONLY thing that has helped me eat in the past is now making my problems worse, so I'm back to nothing and I don't know why Y^Y… </3

  12. To get relief from CHS, all you have to do is Smoke more Weed ???

    But doesnt all that end up proving is that CHS itself is a sign of Addiction, & is an attack on the body by the Nervous System ??? Which would then explain why Hot Showers relieve the symptoms. Because the Hot Shower Shocks The Nervous System.

    You PotHeads are seriously stupid…Go learn about your Bodies.

  13. My theory for hot baths helping you feel better when suffering from CHS, is like the same as when you sweat. When you sweat THC is release through sweat glands, so when you take a hot bath it draws out some of the THC stored in your body like if you were sweating it out.

  14. I had this and had no idea doctors didn't know either about 3 years ago until one doctor knew about it, told me to stop smoking and it worked. I was told I couldn't smoke ever again or I would get sick but I smoke more moderately now and eat healthier and I'm fine for the most part now, though my stomach will still hurt the next morning if I smoke alot the day before

  15. My boyfriend has CHS. Its horrible! It really changed my view on marijuana, it's a beautiful plant but what I've seen is heartbreaking. He has burnt his back badly.
    It's like watching a loved one dying a painful death everyday but not die.
    Running around getting crushed ice and heat packs, packing a bong every 15 minutes and holding it for him and lighting it for him while his hand and mouth stiffs from the amount of pain he's in. Not being able to go out for more than 3 hours without taking an endome to cure pain and anti nausea meds.

  16. Dabbing is the thing that really kicks this in. I've smoked marijuana for over 20 years now and it never happened until I started dabbing. Just started dabbing two years ago and have this happen to me about once every two months. I wake up with the worst cramping and it cause me to throw up for 4-6 hours straight. The feeling doesn't go away until it's ready. Had it happen today for the first time in a while. I'm done doing dabs though. Did my last one yesterday. Someone I know went to ER last week and was diagnosed with CMS. The Dr told him it's from having insane amount of THC in your system for long (weeks even months) periods of time. He don't even smoke so this is strictly from dabs for him. He dabs every day like I do. Pretty sure he quit too. This shit is no joke when it happens. Worst feeling in the world. I'm just really glad I started reading up on this and now have an idea of what might be wrong with me.

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