1. I have a son who is on the ASD spectrum. Every person/child is different, so therefore I chose not to give my son any medications because he was diagnosed at an early age. Most medications are for other mental health disorders (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.) and they should NEVER be given to children, but most parents are misinformed and are told that "this miracle pill" will cure your child's Autistic problems when in fact it makes things worse. I have personally stuck with removing all processed foods and glutens and refined sugars from my son's diet. His favorite dessert is the Outshine popsicles. He has done a 180 with his attitude/behavior. He hasn't had a "meltdown" in years. He is now 14yrs old and acts like a proper young man, with the occasional snippet here and there.
    I love my son for who he is, not what he has.

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