1. Need to conduct trials? Are you honestly kidding me? A plant that has been around thousands of years and already proven medicinal benefits shown by ancient Chinese over 2000 years ago? Before jebus yes you read it here first before in the before for times.

  2. Actually embarrassed to watch this honestly how about instead of just simply allowing big pharmaceutical to take control over the product we allow communities and farmers to grow and prosper, a legit farm can employ plenty of people and create plenty of profit for all and the only thing that the pharmaceutical industry wants to do is take that away! Everyone people please we must unite and let the government know that we the people want this for the people not big business controlling the market we need to give to the people NOT big business aka the pharmaceutical industry aka the chemical industry aka the toxic industry.

  3. Let's follow Canada and legalize it at the federal level. We have some of the best soil and sunniest weather in the world. Australia could be a world leader in cannabis export.

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