Cannabis Cultivation – How To – I Grow Chronic By Mr.Green

This has been about for a few years, it has some very good information about setting up and growing cannabis indoors. This is the complete version.


  1. I downloaded this over 10 years ago so I know it's pretty old school. Seems like everyone is using Deep Water Culture systems now or DWC in the 5 gallon buckets with the air stone etc. Apparently you can put more buckets in the same space as a drain and fill planter and reservoir system but the downside is the nutrients need to be switched out every single week. I only need to grow 2-3 plants at a times so I'm going with the old school drain and fill system. I see allot of people trying the DWC Bucket and after 4 weeks the plants die. I've never grown anything so I figure why not stick with what works and this Ebba and Flow system seems to work.

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