Cannabis Benefits~ Raw Juicing~ THCA, CBDA~ Receptor Stimulation~Marijuana Benefits~

Benefits of consuming Cannabis raw, as nature intended and is wildly more potent in this form as THCA is abundant, and degrades to THC when heated or …


  1. seems that my blood pressure meds keep me feeling sick–i have tried several different ones—please let me know of a strain of cannabis that lowers blood pressure–i perfer to make a tea or juice it —-thank you so much

  2. I really enjoyed hearing your professional insight on this amazing life saving natural medicine. I believe in this wholeheartedly and I am a type 2 diabetic. I have a friend whom has a lovely baby girl that suffers from Autoimmune Disease and I am desperately trying to get information for her so that she does not suffer anymore. Can you recommend anything please? I am in Miami…..I know. What do I do?

  3. thanks for the awesome video!!

    – alot has to be said as to why we can't grow cannabis " legally "in the US as an average " citizen. " . It's to profit from dumbing us down and keeping us sick while prosecuting those who have the light of the truth from the freedom these provisions from Almighty Eternal Freedom Loving Gift Giving Yah [ God } of ALL Creation has Freely provided.

    Keep up the great work- you are a worthy servant whose Crown will give off an Aura of Living Color!!

    Shalom and Blessings
    Michael D

  4. Brilliant talk as always brother. Unfortunately Cannabis is totally illegal here in the UK. I could use Cannabis for pain relief from serious injuries instead of having to take tablets but as I said it's totally illegal here. Buying it is a joke as well because what you actually get for your money is nowhere near enough to juice and barely enough to smoke. As you know the price of Cannabis will always stay high because of it's illegal nature. So so many people could be helped with this beautiful plant but those who hide in the shadows don't want that do they brother. Keep up the super work with the video's and wholeness/ high vibrations to you..

  5. Thank you. Hope more people will do their own research on cannabis and discern truth.
    Where there is power, there is taboo & restriction.
    An illegal & feared plant!!!! Suffering is a growth industry.

  6. hello from Spain. cannabinoids are extremely lipophilic. just juicing we are loosing lots of this good an difficult to find compounds. best way is to dry it and put in a jar with olive oil for 4-6/weeks. later just use couple drops under tongue. great job thankyou

  7. I got cut short as my battery died. I will continue with this and will upload part two very very soon. Forgive me for my mispronouncing certain words….I am familiar with how to say a lot of this, but when reading it, I often do not pronounce it correctly. I am very passionate about this healing herb, and think it should be classified as a vegetable because the entire plant is useful to the body. Part two will break everything down further, and I will go into more detail on how we can use this to raise our vibrations~ Thank you~ Peace and Love to you. I am grateful for your love and support, I really mean that. Have a wonderful day~

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