Cannabis 101 Weeks 3 and 4 VEG Growing Cannabis with LED's for Beginners

Cannabis 101 Weeks 3 and 4 VEG Growing Cannabis with LED’s for Beginners. today we are going over all the things you should be doing during weeks 3 and …


  1. You must be some sort of Lean guy since you like to make things simple. Been doing lean manufacturing for years and like your growing style of keeping it simple. Keep up the videos and take your ADD meds to stay on topic! Lmao.

  2. Just joined the Patreon, Can't wait to see how these turn out, quick question How long does the seedling stage last normally? Thanks again for all the info you give out on your vids.

  3. Hey I just found your channel good stuff. I have a question for you I just finished a run in a 3×3 with two viparspectra 300 I got 134g out of it witch I was happy with as it was my first grow but I thought I would get more I started my second grow under the same light but was thing of getting a mars 2000 befor I flip do you think a new light for weight or veg longer thanks keep up the good work

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