1. April Saull died February 12, 2019 of recurrent cancer that had metastasized to her liver. Her regimen of diet, juicing, smoothies, supplements and cannabis oil did not prevent a new cancer or cure the one she died of.

  2. I am in tears watching your videos with my mom. They make me feel so much better and open my eyes to so much! I am a 20 year old from WI and my mom is going through very similar that you did. She is 45 and we are going to try this. I do believe it is very in your gut type of feelings and I pray to find the courage to say no to the system. I am going to keep watching your videos to learn more. Thank you for sharing your story & for replying to my Instagram messages. ❤️

  3. There is a better tech than the RSO- it uses what's called a lipid encapsulation technique to make the cannabinoids much more bioavailable. If you search for BadKat's CannaPharm, you can find the recipes. I saw a women reduce the size of her breast cancer by 30% in roughly 30 days before she got paranoid and let the doctors talk her into chopping the entire thing off. She only used a half ounce to an entire ounce worth of cannabis flowers every month making her oil using the encapsulation method. Can be done in the kitchen.

  4. The doctors, nurses, etc, are becoming disillusioned. Just imagine the cognitive dissonance they are dealing with. They didn't tell her to stay off of her computer because of all of the negativity about her cancer, but because of all the positivity about it. It's virtually the same story for each person who cures themselves- doctors have seen it many times. "I found such and such on the internet"… Boom, cancer cured.. 'Uh oh!'. So they started telling patients to stay off the internet. It's like a one hundred billion dollar industry, and it's collapsing before our very eyes, finally. Goodbye "Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation", who literally sues other charities with the money it has been given- you were useless.

  5. Great presentation. I went through T10 surgery and radiation, but declined the chemo – I just passed the first day of the month-long window of life expectancy handed me by the oncologist. LOL. The surgery / radiation distracted me from my usual field of research – vaccines, which it turns out are every bit the illusion as the allopathic view of cancer. They benefit no one, and are unavoidably unsafe – egregiously so for pregnant women (for the fetus, actually), infants and toddlers.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. I can confirm your feelings towards Western Medicine from first hand experience trying to save my son with Ewing's Sarcoma. Never been so frustrated and concerned with how our medical system bumbles through systemic disease. We went to many California pediatric cancer hospitals before ending up at MD Anderson in Houston. The amount we do NOT know about cancer is so alarming. I truly believe that my son is alive today mostly from the lifestyle changes we put into place to supplement our treatments and beat the odds on 20% chance of survival given to us at the time of diagnosis.

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