Canaca – Northern Dew Cannabis Oil Unboxing Review – 20ml @ 28.8mg THC/ml

This is Canaca’s new Northern Dew Cannabis Oil that’s on OCS. The bottle is around $30 and has 20ml with 28.8mg THC per ml, so approximately 576mg THC …


  1. I like this stuff, This is Rosee Nordique on the SQDC.
    @ 29.95 per 20ml @ 28mg it's great if you can't afford the extra 10-12$ for reign drops.
    I did 3ml to finish the bottle… my fuck i was some stoned, i won't do that again hahaha.

  2. Looking forward to try this stuff, looks much better than the riff mouthspray at 25mg thc, even with 10 spray's, i never felt anything !!for a more expensive price !! Thanks for that video !!

  3. man that oil was pretty clear , i mean , it wasn't darker like some oils .the broken coast one is alot darker , but it's good . and it will get you where you need to go . and this one had no taste , i like that . ok you got to do the timbit thing , just for shit's and giggles . awesome I'll keep that in mind . that stuff would be good for some gummies or cookies , theirs no taste . shit i should've got some yesterday when i ordered .

  4. Bahaha! Thc shooters,..first time I see that! I though it was smoking oil 😂 I'm so oldschool. If not for this review I'd of bought some thinking I was buying honey oil we smoked back in the day. Thanks!

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